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Teh H4x0rz got me.

So, thanks to my laziness in keeping wordpress up-to-date, most of my sites have been down for a while. I’ve finally got hollowbodybass.com upgraded to WordPress version 3.0, however it doesn’t want to play nice with my old theme. Please forgive the mess while I clean up……

Epiphone introduces the Goth Rumblekat

Well, no, not really. But if they did, it would probably look an awful lot like this bass:

Goth Epiphone Rumblekat

Goth Epiphone Rumblekat

Goth Epiphone Rumblekat

Found this guy while surfing eBay. Pretty interesting pickup choice; I’d love to hear some sound clips….

Check out the auction for more photos: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200385919293

Three years

Wow….just realized this site has been up for three years. Granted, it’s only be actively updated a third of that time, but 3 years is impressive none the less. One of these days this site will live up to it’s full potential…

And just for old time’s sake, the bass that started me down the hollowbody path:

1969 Gibson EB-2

Adam Clayton Rocks the Rivoli

Prompted by a Newsweek article that drew comparisons to U2′s POP album (which happens to be my favorite U2 album – don’t hate), I went to their site to check out the new track “Get On Your Boots”.

Low and behold, Mr. Adam Clayton is rocking out with a vintage Epiphone Rivoli. Screencaps:

Adam Clayton & Epiphone Rivoli

Adam Clayton & Epiphone Rivoli

Adam Clayton & Epiphone Rivoli

Adam Clayton & Epiphone Rivoli

Adam Clayton & Epiphone Rivoli

Adam Clayton & Epiphone Rivoli

At first I thought it was just for show, but I’m pretty sure he actually played the Rivoli (or some type of mudbucker-equipped bass) in the track. Listen to the bass interlude/solo starting @ 1:16 in the video and you’ll know what I mean.

Link: U2.com Media Page

A stroll through the USPTO, courtesy Google

While cleaning up the hard drive on my laptop, I came across a list of patents I’d found via Google’s Patent Search. Only one of them has anything to do with hollowbody basses, but they’re fun to look at.

If you find any cool/historic/unique patents that I missed, post a link in the comments!

Up first, “Electric Bass Guitar and Elastomeric Bridge Therefor“:


Gibson/Epiphone/Norlin Patents:

Epiphone ‘Scroll’ Bass

Leland Sklar Signature Bass

Gibson Victory Bass

Peavey Patents:

T-40 Bass

“Razer” Body Shape

Fender Patents:

The Classic – 1959 Precision Bass

P-Bass Pickup

Fender/Squier Bullet Bass

Starcaster Headstock Design


Graphite Bass Neck


Guitar & Bass Design


Hollowbody Guitar Design

Patent art can sometimes be crudely drawn, or in some cases, drawn well but just plain ol’ funny. Check out this image from Patent #7030304:

Charlotte, NC Guitar Show – Report

Last weekend, my father and I took a road trip to Charlotte for the annual guitar show. This year’s venue was the “Metrolina Expo.” I was expecting some sort of expo/convention center-ish setup, but instead the Metrolina Expo turned out to be a big flea-market-esque building. To me, this really cheapened the feel of the show. In previous years, it was held in the Charlotte Shriner’s meeting hall – a much nicer place.

Overall, the show was okay. Got to play a couple hollowbody basses and other stuff that I hadn’t been able to get my hands on prior to the show.

I’ll start with the few that I got pictures of. Pics are from an iPhone, so they’re not spectacular quality. First up is a DarkStar’ed Ibanez ASB-140:

Ibanez ASB-140 with DarkStar Pickup

DarkStar sounded pretty good (from what I could tell over the crowd noise while playing through a tiny amp), and the setup on this bass was impeccable.These recent long-scale hollowbodies from Ibanez are very well built, but I’ve never warmed up to the shape/size/profile of the neck.

Next up is the bass I probably would have bought, had I not just dropped a bit of cash on a Danelectro ’63 (more on that to come): a slightly used DiPinto Belvedere Standard. The dealer was asking $350 for it (fair price). I had a chance to try it out through a random Hartke head and 4×10 cabinet, and I was surprised at the tonal range. Sounded great finger-style as well as with a pick. Neck was a very comfortable Jazz Bass width and profile. I hadn’t had the chance to play any DiPinto basses until this show and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised.
DiPinto Belvedere Standard Bass  1977 Gibson RD Artist

Yes, I know the Gibson RD Artist above isn’t a bass (nor is it hollow), but that doesn’t keep it from being dead sexy. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to play the RD plugged in. I also had the opportunity to play one of the recent Gibson RD Standards (the silverburst ‘guitar of the week’ model), and the original had a better neck profile and was a little lighter.

I played several other basses that I didn’t stop to take pictures of, including a 60′s Guild Stafire w/ Hagstrom pickup, a couple Gibson basses (Ripper & Thunderbird), a Sekova beatle bass, and several others.

I’ll leave you with a couple random pics. First up, a Maestro beatle bass:

Maestro Bass

And several vintage pieces from the Low End, notably the black late 60′s Jazz Bass with matching headstock, blocked-and-bound neck, and gold hardware:

60's Jazz Basses

eBay Freak of the Week – a poor old EB-2D

This brings a tear to my eye…..but not in a good way:

dsc01530.JPG  dsc01529.JPG



Click for Auction Link.

Hofner Icon Limited Edition Finishes

Couldn’t find any info on just how limited these are, but you can still order all the colors from Musician’s Friend, as well as various eBay sellers.

Here’s a flier scan from fortmadisonguitars.com:

Hofner Icon Limited Edition Colors

The transparent finishes are kinda blah; the white and black finishes are classic, but the pink, silver and two-tone gold finishes are awesome.

Couple close-up pics (from thatnewsound.com):


hofner-icon-limited-beatle-gol-3.jpg hofner-icon-limited-beatle-sil-5.jpg


From 8th Street Music:


Mass-Produced Kay Bass Reissues!

Thanks to a link on TalkBass, I wandered over to KayGuitar.com. And what did I find there? News of a Kay K5965 “Howling Wolf” reissue!

Check it out:


I’m pretty stoked to see these getting some mass-market play. When I saw this flyer the first thing I though of was Fritz Brothers and their “F.B. Bass”, which is a hand-crafted copy of the K5965. According to more of their marketing material, the current incarnation of Kay Guitar, Inc has pegged Mr. Fritz to oversee production of this ‘reissue’ line:


Any Kay purists reading this have probably already taken note of the fact that these ‘reissues’ aren’t vintage-correct because they sport the “Kelvinator” headstock instead of the more plain headstocks of the original 5965′s. But I’m not complaining – love the Kelvinator. It’s big, bold, and perfectly gaudy:


MSRP on these puppies is $1k. Based on that, I’m assuming they’ll be made in Korea. Price includes fitted hardshell case. See this catalog page for more specs:


I’ve got an email in to Kay to get some more info. If/when they get back to me I’ll post an update.

The K5965 “Pro” Bass isn’t the only thing Kay has up it’s sleeve. They’re also planning a reissue of the K5970 “Jazz Special” Bass! YES! The Jazz Special is my favorite Kay design, complete with Kelvinator and all:


I have no idea when/where/how these things will be available to consumers, but as I find out the info I’ll let you know.

eBay Freak of the Week – Gibson EB-6(D)

It’s not very often that you see a thinline EB-6 up for sale – there were only 34 produced. This one has a second pickup that may or may not be original. Probably not, considering there aren’t extra vol/tone controls or 3-way switch on the instrument. (The switch you see in the pictures is the baritone switch, not a pickup selector.)

I guess if the second pickup is legit, the model would technically be an EB-6D?

Either way, it’s a rare bird indeed:

Gibson EB-6

Gibson EB-6

Here’s the link, for as long as it lasts: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270244556826

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