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Hello, my name is Brandon. I have an addiction…………

I’ve got a thing for hollowbody basses. Something about the body shapes, the f-holes – the ‘plunkiness’ of the vintage stuff. The full sound of modern hollow and chambered basses.

And they’re just so darned sexy.

The goal of this site is to have an archive of every hollowbody bass ever produced. My intial focus is production instruments, although eventually the custom stuff will find its way into the archive. Until the archive goes live (in part or whole), I plan to make at least semi-regular posts to the blog on the homepage.

So stop by regularly, or grab the RSS feed. If you’re a hollowbody bassist and want to share your bass or collection with the readers, shoot me an email (the link is in the top left) or post a comment here. Also, if you’ve got a gear question that I might be able to answer, just ask.


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