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For Sale: Shaftesbury Pseudo-Rickenbacker Copy


Best. F-Hole Label. Ever.

Similar to Howie Epstein’s Faux-Rickenbacker, this Shaftesbury represents a market that Rickenbacker never capitalized on – a bass version of one of their popular guitar shapes. In this case, the shape is that of the “330″ model:

Shaftesbury Hollowbody Bass back.jpg

This bass was going to be the eBay Freak of the Week for this week, but the Rickenbacker eBay Nazis had the auction pulled. They really stepped over the line this time, since Rickenbacker’s name was not mentioned in the auction in any way. Apparently just because it looks kinda like a Rick (remember – Rickenbacker never built a bass like this), eBay bowed to Rickenbacker’s pressure and killed the auction. That knocks Rickenbacker down one more notch, in my opinion. Can they honestly say they feel that their bass-making livelihoods are threatened by a 30+ year old Japanese bass?

Anyways, enough of my rant about Rickenbacker’s stance on copies, whether of the lawsuit variety or not. The point of this post is to showcase this bass. I spoke with the eBay seller, and the bass is still for sale. So if anyone reading this is interested, shoot me an email at brandon[a]hollowbodybass.com and I’ll put you in touch with the seller. The seller is located in the UK, in case that makes a difference to anyone.



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