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Dusty Hill of ZZ Top – Hollowbody Bassist. Kinda.

I’ll admit – I’m not a huge ZZ Top fan. Let’s say I wouldn’t change the station if a ZZ Top song came on, but I wouldn’t rush to buy concert tickets either. But a band’s gotta be doing something right to still sell records 37 years after they formed.

Dusty Hill has held down the low end for the band’s 37 year tenure, and sports a new bass for every other photo he appears in. (Billy Gibbons & Dusty Hill are both known for their guitar collecting addiction….err….hobby.)

Most of Hill’s basses are solidbody. Usually some variation on an early 50′s Fender Precision Bass, or a Dean “Z’ Bass. However, he’s sported a few hollowbodies, built by Bolin Guitars. Below are the only two that I could find pictures of, but I’m sure there have to be more. Both have bodies styled after the Gibson L-5 guitar, with Gibson Thunderbird-shaped headstocks.

If you’ve got $7,500 just laying around, you can have your very own Bolin Dusty Hill “Crazy Cowboy” Bass: http://www.iwantguitars.com/store/?product=9392

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